Patent Number: 6,166,498

Title: Drive unit for hybrid vehicles

Abstract: In a drive unit for a hybrid vehicle, a generator-motor is arranged on a first axis and a drive motor is arranged on a second axis in parallel with the first axis. A drive unit casing houses the generator-motor, the drive motor, an inverter unit for the generator-motor and the drive motor and a smoothing condenser for smoothing power source voltage of the inverter unit. The inverter unit is attached to the drive unit casing and is diametrically disposed relative to the generator-motor and the drive motor. The smoothing condenser is attached to the inside of the drive unit casing from which an end portion thereof projects. The inverter unit can be attached to the drive unit casing as a subassembly. By the invention, the drive unit can be made more compact, and the wiring can be simplified.

Inventors: Yamaguchi; Kozo (Tokyo-to, JP), Hotta; Yutaka (Anjo, JP), Hara; Takeshi (Anjo, JP), Takenaka; Masayuki (Anjo, JP), Maki; Koya (Anjo, JP), Agata; Hiromichi (Anjo, JP)

Assignee: Aisin AW Co., Ltd.

International Classification: B60K 6/04 (20060101); B60K 6/00 (20060101); B60K 1/00 (20060101); B60K 1/02 (20060101); H02P 001/54 ()

Expiration Date: 12/26/2017