Patent Number: 6,166,525

Title: Automatic electric power generator control

Abstract: A controller operates to start an electric power generator, for example a gasoline engine electric power generator, when a demand is made for electric power when the user turns on an electric powered device, such as a circular saw, that is to be used. The generator runs as long as there is a demand for power, and when the demand ends, the generator stops after a predetermined adjustable delay period. Additionally, in the event the engine is to be started under cold start-up conditions, the starter is operated to avoid cyclical starting/stalling of the generator engine. The engine driving the generator will stop after a predetermined delay after the power demand is removed. If the demand for power stops for a time longer than the timeout period, the generator is stopped, and it will automatically start again when power is demanded. Alarm circuits are provided in the event of malfunction, and automatic/manual functions enhance the flexibility of the system.

Inventors: Crook; Gaines M. (Canoga Park, CA)


International Classification: F02N 11/08 (20060101); H02P 9/08 (20060101); H02P 003/00 (); H02H 007/06 (); B60L 011/02 ()

Expiration Date: 12/26/2017