Patent Number: 6,166,616

Title: Circuit breaker with trip bar reinforcing clip

Abstract: An electrical circuit breaker comprises a housing; separable contacts housed within the housing and moveable between a closed position and an open position; an operating mechanism for moving the separable contacts between the closed position and the open position thereof, the operating mechanism having a first position and a second position corresponding to the open position of the separable contacts; a latch for latching said operating mechanism in the first position thereof and for releasing the operating mechanism to the second position thereof; a trip bar movable in a first direction and a second direction for unlatching said latch, the trip bar including first and second pivot pockets for pivotally mounting the trip bar within the housing; a sensor for sensing an electrical condition associated with the separable contacts and for moving the trip bar in the second direction in order to unlatch the latch, to release the operating mechanism to the second position thereof, and to move the separable contacts to the open position thereof; and first and second clips respectively positioned in the first and second pivot pockets for providing bearing surfaces in the trip bar.

Inventors: Fischer; Kenneth Martin (Finleyville, PA), Zindler; Mark Owen (Pittsburgh, PA)

Assignee: Eaton Corporation

International Classification: H01H 71/02 (20060101); H01H 009/00 ()

Expiration Date: 12/26/2013