Patent Number: 6,166,816

Title: Combination fiber optic current/voltage sensor

Abstract: A combination fiber optic current and voltage sensor having a common source and other components. One other common component for certain configurations is the detector. Voltage sources are necessarily designed to avoid coherence and intensity problems when sharing a broadband source with a current sensor. An embodiment of a combination voltage/current sensor shares a birefringence modulator, polarizer, source, detector and electronics. A multitude of fiber optic current sensors and another multitude of fiber optic voltage sensors can share a common fiber light source.

Inventors: Blake; James N. (Scottsdale, AZ)


International Classification: G01R 15/24 (20060101); G01R 15/14 (20060101); G01B 009/02 ()

Expiration Date: 12/26/2017