Patent Number: 6,166,917

Title: Techniques of assembling modular electronic equipment

Abstract: A technique for installing circuit cards on a motherboard in an electronic device. A motherboard, having a plurality of keyhole apertures and locking apertures, mounts in the electronic device. Cardguide pairs mount on the motherboard to form expansion ports for receiving circuit cards. Each cardguide pair has two parallel card guides. Each card guide has an elongated body with a bottom member and a longitudinal groove. Entrance ports and ramps located at either end of the body communicate with the groove. Mushroom mounting lugs and resilient locking hooks mount on the bottom member. A cardguide installer places each card guide on the motherboard while passing each mushroom lug into a wide segment of a keyhole aperture. The installer then slides the card guides parallel to the plane of the motherboard to move the mushroom lugs into a narrow segment of the keyhole apertures, while the hooks couple to the locking apertures.

Inventors: Anderson; Scott (N. Grafton, MA)

Assignee: 3Com Corporation

International Classification: H05K 7/14 (20060101); H05K 005/00 ()

Expiration Date: 12/26/2017