Patent Number: 6,166,928

Title: Method for open-loop and closed-loop control of an electrical drive as well as an apparatus for carrying out the method

Abstract: In a method for open-loop and closed-loop control of an electrical drive, which comprises an asynchronous motor (18) which is supplied by a DC-AC invertor (14) with a downstream sine-wave output filter (15) with an AC voltage at a predetermined circular frequency (.omega.), stable operation with a good control response and reliable damping of natural filter oscillations is achieved in that the voltage at the output of the sine-wave output filter (15) is measured, in that the measured filter voltage is assigned a complex filter voltage vector (E) in a complex reference system rotating at the circular frequency (.omega.), and in that the DC-AC invertor (14) is actuated in such a manner that the complex filter voltage vector (E) corresponds to a predetermined required voltage vector (E*).

Inventors: Chandorkar; Mukul (Baden, CH)

Assignee: DaimlerChrysler AG

International Classification: H02M 5/00 (20060101); H02M 5/44 (20060101); H02M 005/40 (); H02M 001/12 (); H02M 007/44 ()

Expiration Date: 12/26/2017