Patent Number: 6,167,105

Title: Spacer grid with H-spring for fuel rods for use in nuclear reactor fuel assemblies

Abstract: A spacer grid with H-springs for use in a nuclear reactor fuel assembly is disclosed. In the spacer grid, two sets of intersectional grid strips are arranged in sets at an angle to each other prior to being encircled by a plurality of perimeter strips, thus forming a plurality of four-walled cells individually placing and supporting an elongated fuel rod therein. A plurality of regularly spaced openings are formed on each of the grid strips and perimeter strips at portions corresponding to the cells. An H-shaped spring is set in each of the openings and has a specifically curved rib capable of being brought into conformal surface contact with a fuel rod placed in each of the cells. The H-shaped spring thus elastically supports the fuel rod. Two positioning dimples are provided on each of the strips at positions above and below each of the openings. The two positioning dimples are so specifically curved as to come into conformal surface contact with a fuel rod, thus elastically supporting the fuel rod in cooperation with the H-shaped springs.

Inventors: Yoon; Kyung Ho (Taejon-si, KR), Kang; Heung Seok (Taejon-si, KR), Kim; Hyung Kyu (Taejon-si, KR), Song; Kee Nam (Taejon-si, KR), Jung; Youn Ho (Taejon-si, KR), Chun; Tae Hyun (Taejon-si, KR), Oh; Dong Seok (Taejon-si, KR), In; Wang Kee (Taejon-si, KR)

Assignee: Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute

International Classification: G21C 3/352 (20060101); G21C 3/356 (20060101); G21C 3/34 (20060101); G21C 003/352 (); G21C 003/356 ()

Expiration Date: 12/26/2013