Patent Number: 6,167,127

Title: Telephone system using recorded messages to make outbound announcements

Abstract: An automated telephone system includes a telephone terminal for communicating with a remote party over a telephone line; a storage device for storing a plurality of pre-recorded voice messages entered through said terminal; and a service controller connected to the telephone terminal and the storage device. The service controller is responsive to commands entered through the telephone terminal either to store spoken messages in said storage device and associate them with a unique identifier, or to access a selected one of the stored messages using its unique identifier and replay it over the telephone line to a remote party.

Inventors: Smith; Don (Nepean, CA), Gray; Tom (Carp, CA)

Assignee: Mitel Corporation

International Classification: H04M 3/50 (20060101); H04M 3/533 (20060101); H04M 3/38 (20060101); H04M 3/48 (20060101); H04M 003/48 ()

Expiration Date: 12/26/2017