Patent Number: 6,167,636

Title: Process for thermally utilizing spent grains

Abstract: In a process for thermally utilizing wet spent grains (1), the wet spent grains (1) are mechanically predried in a first drying stage (2), thermally dried in a further drying stage (4) and finally thermally utilized by burning or gasification. In order to be able to realize a process of this kind economically, the mechanically dehydrated spent grains (15) in the further drying stage (4) are heated by the aid of a smoke gas occurring within the energy system of a brewery.

Inventors: Kepplinger; Leopold Werner (Leonding, AT), Pelz; Dieter (Graz, AT), Zanker; Gerald (St.Peter/Hart, AT)

Assignee: Brau-Union Osterreich Aktiengesselschaft

International Classification: F23G 5/027 (20060101); F23G 7/10 (20060101); F23G 7/00 (20060101); F23G 5/46 (20060101); F23G 5/04 (20060101); F23G 5/02 (20060101); F26B 003/34 ()

Expiration Date: 01/02/2018