Patent Number: 6,167,649

Title: Information display system for the sides of buildings and vehicles

Abstract: An information display system, mountable on planar surfaces such as the walls of buildings or the sides of semi-trailers, includes a frame and a polygonal flexible sheet perimetricly anchored to the frame. The system includes at least one anchoring bracket rigidly attached to the planar surface at each of the sheet's apices or corner locations. Other anchoring brackets may be rigidly attached to the planar surface at various locations along the sign's edges. The sign may be a sheet of flexible polymeric material which may be optionally fiber-reinforced. Alternatively, the sign may be cloth made from tightly woven natural or synthetic fibers. An advertising message or other graphic information is printed on the sign, which is hemmed along its perimetric edges to create a sleeve surrounding the sheet. At least one retaining device is inserted through the perimetric sleeve, and the sheet is secured by tensioning means attached to the anchoring brackets which act on the retaining device(s). For a first embodiment of the invention, the retaining devices includes multiple hollow tension beams, each of which has longitudinal slit through which a portion of the hemmed edge of the flexible sheet is inserted. A trapping stick, rod or tube, inserted through a portion of the sleeve inserted within the tension beam effectively secures the hemmed edge to the tension beam. Each tension beam encloses a portion of the perimetric sleeve. Each end of tension beam is secured to an anchoring bracket with tensioning bolts. The tightening action stretches the flexible panel within the anchoring frame so as to provide a smooth surface on which the information is displayed.

Inventors: Palmeri; Richard P. (Indialantic, FL)


International Classification: G09F 15/00 (20060101); G09F 017/00 ()

Expiration Date: 01/02/2018