Patent Number: 6,167,655

Title: Stop device for sliding closures

Abstract: A stop device comprising a rectangular elongated member having an attaching member adapted to attach the elongated member within a jamb liner of a window jamb. The elongated member having first and second interconnecting sections telescopingly connected to provide an adjustment in length of the elongated member. The elongated member having an elongated slot having a base and two sides. A support member extending perpendicularly from one side of the elongated member. The support member having a protrusion extending from one end of the thereof which slidably engages the base and two sides of the slot to fixedly attach the support member to the elongated member. The other end of the support member includes a threaded bore which receives a threaded member.

Inventors: Santa Cruz; Cathy D. (Reno, NV), Carwin; Edward A. (Reno, NV)


International Classification: E05F 5/00 (20060101); E05D 015/16 ()

Expiration Date: 01/02/2018