Patent Number: 6,167,671

Title: Prefabricated concrete wall form system

Abstract: A prefabricated concrete wall form system which can be taken to a construction site, joined to other wall forms to form a wall, and filled with concrete. The wall form has an outer wall and an inner wall, each of which can be made from gypsum wall board, plywood sheathing, OSB sheathing, medium density overlay plywood, cement board, rigid foam board, exterior gypsum sheathing, steel siding, steel or aluminum sheet, or fiberglass panels. The outer and inner panels are braced by a series of horizontal, zigzag wires. Vertical wood strips having horizontal grooves corresponding to the wires are used to hold these wires in place. Electrical boxes, plumbing conduits, electrical conduits, doors, windows, and floor joist pockets are made by including a wood mold inside the wall mold, forming the desired hollow structure within the concrete.

Inventors: Wilson; Steven D. (Mediapolis, IA)


International Classification: E04B 2/86 (20060101); F04C 002/36 (); F04B 002/86 ()

Expiration Date: 01/02/2018