Patent Number: 6,167,687

Title: Group twinner for single and double conductor bobbins and method of making communication cables

Abstract: An apparatus is disclosed for manufacturing communication cables with improved, more uniform impedance characteristics at signal frequencies up to and above 600 MHz. The apparatus includes an "inside-out" rigid twisting machine and at least two bobbins supported within each such machine. Each rigid twisting machine includes a drive for spinning each of the bobbins about their respective axes, and fly-off arrangement is provided for flying off an insulated conductor wire wound on each of the bobbins with substantially no tension in the wire when the bobbin attains a first rotational speed. Guides are provided for guiding the wires from each of the bobbins to a closing point where the wires are closed. A double twist bow arrangement is provided which includes second drive for twisting the closed wires at a second rotational speed to form a twinned cable. Controls are provided for adjusting the first and second rotational speeds to apply a pre-twist to each of the wires about their individual neutral axes prior to twinning, after which a take-up is provided for taking up the twin cable. A bank or line of rigid twisting machines are preferably used to produce two or more twinned cables, which all can then be twinned or twisted about each other to form a multi-cable assembly. An alternate embodiment uses a single bobbin wound with a pair of conductor wires that are flown off together and twisted about each other, resulting in a machine with a smaller footprint and bow and higher speeds of operation.

Inventors: Thompson; Walter (Toronto, CA)

Assignee: Nextrom Ltd.

International Classification: D07B 3/00 (20060101); D07B 3/02 (20060101); D01H 001/10 ()

Expiration Date: 01/02/2018