Patent Number: 6,167,792

Title: Tooth form for a saw blade

Abstract: In a saw blade having a cutting edge defined by a plurality of teeth disposed along the blade, each tooth includes a tip, a rake face, and a curvilinear base surface. The tip of each tooth and the tip of the next consecutively disposed tooth cooperate to define a pitch distance therebetween, with the curvilinear base surface and the tip of each tooth cooperating to define a maximum gullet depth. In addition, the rake face and the curvilinear base surface of each tooth define an effective gullet radius greater than about 25% of the pitch distance, and also greater than about 55% of the maximum gullet depth.

Inventors: Korb; William B. (Melrose, CT), Milton-Benoit; John (Springfield, MA), Hampton; Stephen (East Longmeadow, MA), Holston; James (Orange, MA)

Assignee: American Saw & Mfg. Company

International Classification: B23D 61/00 (20060101); B23D 61/12 (20060101); B27B 033/02 (); B23D 061/00 ()

Expiration Date: 01/02/2018