Patent Number: 6,167,820

Title: Anhydrous ammonia application device

Abstract: An application device used to deliver anhydrous ammonia gas from the manifold on an applicator to the soil and including an ammonia injector. The ammonia injector consists of a smooth, metallic tube capped on one end by a metallic cap which is a precisely hollowed out metal shaft. The ammonia is applied through bores precision-drilled in the cap. The components of the ammonia injector greatly increase the accuracy with which the anhydrous ammonia can be applied, reduce the pressure at which the ammonia must flow through the injectors resulting in better and more even distribution in the soil, and increase the useful life of the injector.

Inventors: Kimberly; Kevin H. (Maxwell, IA), Geisler; Darrell K. (Bondurant, IA)


International Classification: A01C 23/00 (20060101); A01C 23/02 (20060101); A01C 023/00 ()

Expiration Date: 01/02/2018