Patent Number: 6,167,828

Title: Boat mooring assembly

Abstract: A mooring assembly for securing a boat to a waterfront structure such as the surface of a dock has a pair of elongate mooring arms each having a pivot end pivotally coupled to the waterfront structure in horizontally spaced-apart relationship, and each having a mooring end remote from the pivot end, that is displaceable toward and away from the surface of the water as the arm is pivoted about the pivot end. At the mooring end of each mooring arm, a mooring pin extends from the arm in a direction that is generally perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the arm, so that as the mooring end is displaced toward the water when the arm is pivoted about the coupling to the waterfront structure, the mooring pin can be inserted into a suitably dimensioned aperture in a mooring bracket mounted on the surface of a boat. At the pivot end of each arm, a pivot pin projects at right angles to the longitudinal axis of the arm and engages a pivot bracket that is configured for mounting to the waterfront structure in any well known manner. In addition to the pivot pin, an elongate spacer rod extends from the pivot end of each mooring arm in coaxial alignment with the associated mooring pin, and the respective spacer rods of the two mooring arms are mounted in opposed, coaxial alignment when the pivot brackets are mounted on a waterfront structure, so that the two mooring arms may be coupled to each other through the space rods. A tubular spacing sleeve has an open interior space and two open, opposite ends which telescopically receive the respective ends of the two spacer rods. The spacer sleeve includes provisions for maintaining the opposed ends of the spacer rods in suitably spaced apart relationship; one embodiment incorporates spacer pins that are inserted into spaced-apart through holes extending diametrically through opposed portions of the wall sleeve, and in another embodiment a pair of set screws extend through spaced-apart threaded openings in the wall of the sleeve for threaded advancement and retraction into and out of the central interior space. A pair of spacer elements each having a plurality of annular grooves are telescopically displaceable within the interior space of the sleeve where they may be locked into desired position by engagement of the set screws in a desired annular groove.

Inventors: Chase; Marshall S. (Kent, CT)


International Classification: B63B 21/00 (20060101); B63B 021/00 ()

Expiration Date: 01/02/2018