Patent Number: 6,167,838

Title: Method and an implement for automatically milking animals

Abstract: An apparatus for automatically milking animals wherein teat cups are applied to the animals' teats by an automated robot, each teat cup comprising a shell and liner composed of flexible elastic material wherein the liner has an opening at its top to receive an animal's teat and in its lower aspect discharges milk in pulses to a milk conduit connected to a container for receiving and sharing the milk. Each teat cup includes a sensor for continually measuring instantaneous magnitudes of milk being received from the teat and a pulsator which controls the duration of contractions by the liner. The milking operation comprises a foremilking stage, a main milking stage and a stripping stage, the durations of which, as such, and durations of individual pulsations in each stage are electronically controlled based on data received from the sensor. The durations and levels of milk suction and release during each stage and each individual pulse cycles of each stage are controlled, such control being based on a predetermined reduction in the instantaneous magnitude of the milk flow during each pulse cycle and the milking stage involved.

Inventors: van den Berg; Karel (Bleskensgraaf, NL)

Assignee: Maasland N.V.

International Classification: A01J 5/007 (20060101); A01J 005/01 ()

Expiration Date: 01/02/2018