Patent Number: 6,167,897

Title: Expandable metal canopy

Abstract: A metal canopy for a structure has an expansion strut which is directly affixed to a wall of the structure and at least one panel assembly for attachment to the expansion strut. More than one of the expansion struts may be affixed to the wall in abutting relationship to lengthen the span of the canopy. The expansion strut has flanges around its edges for attachment of the panel assembly or assemblies. A plurality of outwardly angled tabs are also positioned on the strut. Each of the panel assemblies has at least two panels, each of which has an upwardly extending flange along each of its sides, with adjacent panels aligned with corresponding flanges in abutting relationship. The panel assembly also has first and second end pieces affixed to an outside edge of the panel assembly along the outside edge of the outermost panels, with the end pieces having a bottom edge and a side edge. A trim strip is affixed to the bottom edge of the at least two panels and a seam cap is affixed atop the abutted flanges internal to the panel assembly. When the flange along the top edge of the panel assembly is inserted into and affixed to the top edge flange of the expansion strut, the bottom edge of the end pieces seats atop the bottom edge flange of the expansion strut, the outwardly angled tabs support the panels from below and the side edge of the end pieces bears against the expansion strut and may be affixed to the side edge flange thereon.

Inventors: Resso; Frank (Tucker, GA), Reagan; Dale (Tucker, GA)

Assignee: Innovative Metals Company, Inc.

International Classification: E04F 10/00 (20060101); E04H 015/34 ()

Expiration Date: 01/02/2018