Patent Number: 6,167,903

Title: Fuel dispenser for a vehicle

Abstract: A fuel dispensing system for a vehicle comprises a manifold assembly having an inlet attachable to a pressure gauge port on a vehicle's fuel line. The inlet is in communication with a pair of outlets, a first of which has an elongated flexible hose attached thereto. The flexible hose includes a nozzle at a distal end through which gasoline may be selectively delivered to an external source. A fuel pressure gauge may be attached to the second outlet, if neccessary. Each outlet includes an internally disposed safety valve means for automatically disabling fuel flow in the event that the fuel gauge or hose become detached therefrom. The hose may be conveniently disposed beneath the vehicle's engine hood when not in use.

Inventors: Newman; Stephen E. (League City, TX)


International Classification: B67D 5/32 (20060101); B67D 5/37 (20060101); F17D 001/08 ()

Expiration Date: 01/02/2018