Patent Number: 6,167,908

Title: Valve assembly for an apparatus under pressure

Abstract: A valve assembly for an apparatus under pressure includes a valve casing including a connecting pipe for attachment to an apparatus under pressure, and a discharge pipe, with the connecting pipe and the discharge pipe being connected by a fluid-carrying pathway. Integrated in the valve casing are a shut-off valve for regulating a flow of fluid through the fluid pathway, and a control valve which includes a spring-loaded valve body having a fluid duct forming part of the fluid pathway. The valve body has one end accommodating a first sealing element movable by the valve body against a valve seat for sealing the fluid passageway and thereby separate an inlet pressure zone from an outlet pressure zone, and another end accommodating a second sealing element movable by the valve body against a seal seat. The second sealing element rests against the seal seat to block the fluid pathway in the outlet pressure zone, when a residual minimum pressure in the apparatus under pressure falls below a predetermined level, thereby implementing a residual gas pressure lock.

Inventors: Rottger; Konstantin (Arnsberg, DE)

Assignee: VTI Ventil Technik GmbH

International Classification: G05D 16/10 (20060101); G05D 16/04 (20060101); F16K 001/30 ()

Expiration Date: 01/02/2018