Patent Number: 6,167,922

Title: Water deflection system for use in fuel dispenser cabinets

Abstract: A cover assembly for use in a fuel dispensing cabinet includes an upper shroud member and a lower shroud member that are arranged at a side area of the cabinet chassis proximate the sump facility. The shroud members are provided in a shingle-type configuration in which the upper shroud member at its lower edge portion overlaps with the lower shroud member at its upper edge portion. A pair of elongate column channel members are configured at respective corner posts of the chassis and each includes a vertical channel portion that receives the side edge portions of the upper and lower shroud members. A fluid diversion assembly is arranged within the chassis end area adjacent the electronics compartment at the upper section of the cabinet. This assembly includes a transverse wall structure having a shoulder portion providing an "S"-shaped cross-section, a splash shield disposed in seating engagement with such shoulder portion, and a seal plate provided in adjacent surface-abutting engagement with the transverse wall structure. These structures cooperatively define a transverse fluid passageway that allows fluid striking the splash shield to flow into the passageway, which is provided in fluid communication with the respective channel portions of a pair of elongate column channel members so as to enable such diverted fluid to be transported outside the cabinet.

Inventors: Seitz; Gary L. (Decatur, IN), Graham; Adam T. (Fort Wayne, IN)

Assignee: Tokheim Corporation

International Classification: B67D 5/64 (20060101); B65B 001/04 (); B65B 003/04 (); B67C 003/02 ()

Expiration Date: 01/02/2018