Patent Number: 6,167,972

Title: Unfold finger for a forwardly folding planting implement

Abstract: An agricultural implement is provided with a forward folding tool bar that is pivotally mounted on the draw bar for rotation about a transverse pivot axis as part of the folding and unfolding of the tool bar. The tool bar is provided with a tower apparatus having a passageway therethrough for alignment with pivot linkages for providing a floating movement of the pivotally mounted wing members with the wing fold actuators forming a rigid link in the pivot linkages. An unfold finger is mounted on the draw bar where the tower mechanism would be positioned upon the rotation of the tool bar into an intermediate transport position such that the unfold finger is positionable within the passageway through the tower apparatus. The unfold finger is spring-biased and incorporates lost movement slots to allow the unfold finger to yield when the passageway is blocked as the tower apparatus is moved over the unfold finger. Once engaged within the tower apparatus, the unfold finger provides a stop against which the pivot linkages push when the wing fold actuators are utilized to unfold the wing members, but is retracted from the passageway whenever the tool bar is rotated into a working position.

Inventors: Hundeby; David R. (Saskatoon, CA), Friggstad; Terrance A. (Grasswood, CA), Ylioja; Stan W. (Outlook, CA)

Assignee: Flexi-Coil Ltd.

International Classification: A01B 73/00 (20060101); A01B 63/00 (20060101); A01B 73/06 (20060101); A01B 63/32 (20060101); A01B 049/00 (); A01B 073/00 ()

Expiration Date: 01/02/2018