Patent Number: 6,167,990

Title: Lubricating device for four-stroke engine

Abstract: An improved lubricating device for a four-stroke engine which permits the engine to operate upside down for a longer time and which has a better lubricating effect. This device comprises a first partitioning portion dividing the lubricating oil reservoir into a first and a second chambers, and a second partitioning portion further dividing the second chamber into a first and a second sub-chambers. The first partitioning portion includes a concave portion, having an opening for communicating the first chamber with the second chamber, which is adapted to receive some lubricating oil. Also, the first partitioning portion is provided thereon with a check valve which allows irreversible flow of the lubricating oil mist between the first chamber and the second sub-chamber. Moreover, this invention provides a complete circulation path for lubricating oil wherein the lubricating oil is transferred from the first chamber to the rocker chamber, then enters the main shaft chamber and finally returns back to the first chamber, thereby fully lubricating all the parts in the engine and greatly improving the lubricating effect.

Inventors: Peng; Yu-Yin (Hsin-Chu, TW)

Assignee: Industrial Technology Research Institute

International Classification: F01M 11/00 (20060101); F01M 11/06 (20060101); F01M 011/06 ()

Expiration Date: 01/02/2018