Patent Number: 6,168,103

Title: Apparatus for processing rubber-based materials

Abstract: An apparatus for processing articles such as types that include a metal reinforcement embedded in a rubber-based material. The apparatus continuously and sequentially disintegrates the rubber-based material in order to separate it from the metal reinforcement and forms a powder consisting of a mixture of rubber and metal or fabric particles.

Inventors: Agostinelli; Sanzio (F-42150 LaRicamarie, FR), Dasilva; Daniel (F-43100 Brioude, FR)

Assignee: Agostinelli; Sanzio

International Classification: B02C 4/42 (20060101); B02C 4/02 (20060101); B02C 4/00 (20060101); B02C 019/12 ()

Expiration Date: 01/02/2018