Patent Number: 6,168,168

Title: Fuel nozzle

Abstract: An improved seal allows a fuel nozzle to be securely fastened to an aircraft refueling adaptor and the seal does not allow fuel to leak or spill. Significantly, the seal is simple to install and remove because the fuel nozzle does not have to be disassembled or removed from the fuel hose and the seal does not have to be bonded to the seal support. The seal is securely attached to the fuel nozzle without the use of adhesives because the seal is much stiffer than conventional seals, and the seal is mechanically retained in a deep annular groove in the seal support structure. The improved seal includes a body with a first leg, a second leg, a cavity and a projection which is attached to the first leg and it extends at least halfway across the width of the cavity. Desirably, the projection extends about two-thirds of the way across the width of the cavity. The seal also includes a nose with a body portion that has a width smaller than the width of the cavity, and the body portion of the nose preferably has a generally planar inner surface which is parallel to a generally planar outer surface. The seal desirably has a Shore hardness of about 90 or greater on the "A" scale and the seal is preferably constructed of a polyurethane elastomer.

Inventors: Brown; Albert W. (Newport Beach, CA)


International Classification: F16L 35/00 (20060101); F16L 037/22 ()

Expiration Date: 01/02/2018