Patent Number: 6,168,170

Title: Chuck with jaw blade rotational stop

Abstract: A chuck is provided for use with a manual or powered driver, such as a drill. The chuck has a body member with angularly disposed passageways formed therethrough. A plurality of jaws are slidably positioned within the angularly disposed passageways. The jaws grip upon a tool shank inserted into the body member. A nut is rotatably mounted on the body member and has nut threads defined on an inner circumference thereof in engagement with the jaw threads. A sleeve member is in driving rotational engagement with the nut whereby when the sleeve is rotated with respect to the body member, the jaws are also moved within the passageways. A rotational stop is defined between the nut and jaws wherein upon the jaws reaching a predetermined position within the passageways, further rotation of the nut in an opening direction is prevented. The stop comprises a radially extending surface defining an end of the nut threads. The radially extending surface contacts a side surface of at least one of the jaws.

Inventors: Miles; Kevin C. (Clemson, SC), Barton; Christopher B. (Seneca, SC), Aultman; William H. (Pickens, SC)

Assignee: Power Tool Holders Incorporated

International Classification: B23B 31/12 (20060101); B23B 031/12 ()

Expiration Date: 01/02/2018