Patent Number: 6,168,173

Title: Snowboard boot with binding interface

Abstract: An apparatus comprising a snowboard boot and a binding interface including an interface feature that is adapted to releasably engage with a snowboard binding. The binding interface is movably mounted to the boot so that the boot can flex in a side-to-side direction through an angle relative to the binding interface to provide side-to-side flexibility. In one embodiment, the binding interface is mounted to the boot at a pair of laterally spaced attachment points with a pair of strapless fasteners. In another embodiment, the binding interface is mounted to at least one attachment point and a portion of the boot is flexible between the attachment point and a side. In other embodiments, at least a portion of the interface feature does not protrude below the bottom surface of the boot, and the interface feature does not protrude beyond the sides of the boot. In yet other embodiments, the apparatus includes an adjustment member to adjustably restrict the side-to-side flexibility between the boot and the binding interface, and a dampening element that dampens the side-to-side flexibility. The boot may include an arcuate lower surface that extends across the boot with the binding interface mounted to the boot below the arcuate lower surface. A fluid-filled bladder may be provided to control the side-to-side flexibility of the boot. The binding interface may be slidably mounted to the boot using arcuate surfaces, such as convex and concave surfaces, that allow the boot to slide across the binding interface.

Inventors: Reuss; Stefan (Burlington, VT), Dodge; David J. (Williston, VT)

Assignee: The Burton Corporation

International Classification: A63C 9/00 (20060101); B62B 009/04 (); A63C 009/00 (); A63C 009/10 ()

Expiration Date: 01/02/2018