Patent Number: 6,168,234

Title: Seat assembly including a vehicle seat and system for rotating same

Abstract: A seat assembly including a vehicle seat and a system for rotating a vehicle seat are provided wherein the system is designed to carry integrated seat restraint loads. The seat includes a base having a lower base section and an upper base section which supports the vehicle seat on an upper surface thereof. A reversible DC motor and a transmission including a drive screw are supported on the lower base section. A flexible cable couples an output shaft of the DC motor to the drive screw which rotates about a horizontal axis upon actuation of the DC motor. The transmission also includes a drive nut threadedly mounted on the drive screw to move along the substantially horizontal axis upon actuation of the motor. The transmission further includes a link coupled to the upper base section and the drive nut to transmit linear motion of the drive nut to rotary motion of the upper base section. The system also includes a bearing assembly having a plurality of thrust bearings which rotatably supports the upper base section on the lower base section. The lower base section includes a tongue portion clamped between the thrust bearings. The system provides a compact structure which fits completely under the vehicle seat and is capable of carrying the integrated seat restraint loads including shoulder belt load and lap belt load.

Inventors: Haynes; Ian D. (Windsor, CA), Quoziente; John A. (Allen Park, MI), Girolamo; Michelle A. (Livonia, MI), Gibbons; Gregg A. (Rochester Hills, MI), Sanders; Richard D. (Clarkston, MI)

Assignee: Lear Corporation

International Classification: B60N 2/04 (20060101); B60N 2/14 (20060101); A47C 001/02 ()

Expiration Date: 01/02/2018