Patent Number: 6,168,348

Title: Bi-directional surface leveling system

Abstract: A bi-directional surface leveling system comprises a chassis attachable to a motion source and having a hitch, a grader frame pivotably connected to the hitch and supporting a box grader, and a forward frame pivotably attached to the grader frame and having a caster wheel for supporting the chassis. The box grader holds a bi-directional earth grading tool. Also included is a damping assembly attached to the hitch to dampen upward movement of the grader frame. A powered assembly is pivotably connected at one end to the forward frame and at the opposing end to the grader frame, and a control unit connected to the power assembly selectively extends and retracts the power assembly.

Inventors: Meyer; Frederick A. (Lutz, FL), Crowley; Robert W. (Land O'Lakes, FL), Schroeder; Dana E. (Spring Hill, FL)

Assignee: Southern Laser, Inc.

International Classification: E02F 3/76 (20060101); E01C 023/08 (); E02F 003/76 ()

Expiration Date: 01/02/2018