Patent Number: 6,168,366

Title: Method of and apparatus for manipulating cigarette trays

Abstract: Trays for temporary reception of accumulations of parallel cigarettes are being introduced into and withdrawn from open-sided containers for groups of trays. The containers are provided with partitions defining tray-receiving compartments in a predetermined distribution, and the trays are assembled into groups wherein the trays are arrayed in such a way that they can be pushed, as a unit, into an empty container whereby each tray of the array enters a discrete compartment. Analogously, a set of mobile suction-operated devices is used to simultaneously withdraw an entire group of arrayed trays from the compartments of a filled container. The introduction of groups of filled or empty trays into containers can take place at a first level, and the evacuation of groups of filled or empty trays from filled containers can take place at a different second level. The second level can receive filled trays from a tray filling unit and the first level can serve for delivery of empty trays to the tray filling unit. Containers with groups of filled trays can be transported to a cigarette packing machine and containers with empty trays can be delivered from the packing machine.

Inventors: Horn; Matthias (Ahrensburg, DE)

Assignee: Hauni Maschinenbau AG

International Classification: A24C 5/00 (20060101); A24C 5/352 (20060101); A24C 005/352 ()

Expiration Date: 01/02/2018