Patent Number: 6,168,369

Title: Carrier retainer system

Abstract: When operating a work vehicle such as a backhoe or wheel loader, it is frequently desirable to utilize auxiliary work equipment with the vehicle such as a pallet fork and a loading bucket. In the course of such operation, it is generally necessary to move the vehicle from one site to another, which requires movement of the auxiliary work equipment as well as the vehicle. The present invention provides a convenient coupling system for securely attaching a second work implement, such as a loading bucket, to a first work implement, such as pallet forks, for transportation purposes so that the connected auxiliary work equipment can be readily transported by the work vehicle from site to site, which is especially important when moving the vehicle over uneven and rough ground or surfaces.

Inventors: Bright; Christopher Erik (Wilson, NC), Gibbons; Michael R. (Smithfield, NC)

Assignee: Caterpillar Inc.

International Classification: E02F 3/36 (20060101); E02F 009/00 ()

Expiration Date: 01/02/2018