Patent Number: 6,168,375

Title: Spring-loaded vaned diffuser

Abstract: An annular vane diffuser is disposed within a compressor housing of a turbocharger and employs a wave-type compression spring interposed between the vane diffuser and a backplate to provide a desired pressure loading on the vane diffuser to urge the vanes against the wall of the compressor housing forming one side of the diffuser. The vane diffuser constructed in this manner maintains contact with the compressor housing during turbocharger operation as it moves axially relative to the backplate, thereby providing improved diffuser efficiency.

Inventors: LaRue; Gerald Duane (Torrance, CA), Cabrales, II; Jose Antonio (Mission Viejo, CA)

Assignee: AlliedSignal Inc.

International Classification: F04D 25/02 (20060101); F04D 25/04 (20060101); F04D 29/44 (20060101); F03D 007/04 ()

Expiration Date: 01/02/2018