Patent Number: 6,168,397

Title: Flexible tube of squeeze pump

Abstract: A squeeze type pump that transfers slurry via an elastic tube by squeezing the elastic tube with pairs of rollers to elastically deform the tube by moving each pair of squeezing rollers. The elastic tube has an outer diameter, an inner diameter, and a thickness. A ratio of the inner diameter to the outer diameter is set within a range of 0.56 to 0.72, and the thickness is set within a range of 23 to 35 mm.

Inventors: Iwata; Noboru (Hashima, JP)

Assignee: Daiichi Techno Co., Ltd.

International Classification: F04B 43/12 (20060101); F04B 43/00 (20060101); F04B 043/18 ()

Expiration Date: 01/02/2018