Patent Number: 6,168,441

Title: Contact element

Abstract: A contact element for insertion and fastening in a through-contacted borehole provided in a carrier, for example, a printed circuit board, is disclosed. The contact element has a fastening region provided for insertion into the borehole, a connection region lying opposite the fastening region for connecting a plug, and a base region lying between the fastening and connection regions. The fastening region includes a pin having a collar at a distance from base region. The collar forms an application surface on the carrier, and the pin has a slot-shaped cutout extending over its entire length proceeding from base region of contact element up to its free end.

Inventors: Buchart; Peter (Bavaria, DE)

Assignee: FCT Electronic GmbH

International Classification: H01R 009/09 ()

Expiration Date: 01/02/2018