Patent Number: 6,168,525

Title: Flexible clutch for a two-mass flywheel

Abstract: A clutch for a two-mass flywheel of an internal combustion engine includes a first half-coupling and a second-half coupling. Both half-couplings are, within the bounds provided, torsionally twistable relative to the other. The half-couplings are connected to each other through elastic clutch elements. Side-disks form an inner, leakproof compartment containing a center disk. In the radially outer regions of the compartment resides at least one displacement chamber that is capable of being filled and which has a throttle orifice. The displacement chamber is bound circumferentially by two first tappets which are part of one half-coupling, as well as by a second tappet which is part of the other half-coupling. The second tappet divides the displacement chamber into two sectional chambers. At least one of the tappets includes a stationary tappet piece and a movable tappet piece which is movable in circumferential direction and delimits the respective partial chamber. The tappet piece which is movable in circumferential direction pushes against the force of a spring. The area between the two tappet pieces forms a third damping chamber.

Inventors: Hanke; Wolfgang (Heidenheim, DE)

Assignee: Voith Turbo GmbH & Co., KG

International Classification: F16F 15/10 (20060101); F16F 15/134 (20060101); F16F 15/14 (20060101); F16F 15/131 (20060101); F16F 15/16 (20060101); F16D 003/80 (); F16D 013/64 ()

Expiration Date: 01/02/2018