Patent Number: 6,168,545

Title: Limited slip differential with spring-loaded clutches

Abstract: A limited slip differential for use with an automotive vehicle comprising differential gearing including a pair of differential side gears, one side gear being connected to each of two axle shafts for vehicle traction wheels, a differential carrier housing supporting differential pinions engageable with the side gears, the differential carrier being connected drivably through a drive shaft to the vehicle engine, first and second clutches connecting the differential carrier with each side gear, a mechanical cam mechanism for transferring a clutch-engaging force from the carrier to each of the clutches, thereby establishing a mechanical torque bias in the differential mechanism, and a clutch spring acting on each clutch to partially engage the clutches whereby the clutch-engaging force increases as a function of engine throttle position at a first rate for low engine throttle settings and at a higher rate for advanced engine throttle settings.

Inventors: Lowell; Jeffrey (Ventura, CA)

Assignee: McLaren Automotive Group, Inc.

International Classification: F16H 001/44 ()

Expiration Date: 01/02/2018