Patent Number: 6,168,548

Title: Portable ambulatory therapy device

Abstract: A portable ambulatory therapy device provides for the training or retraining of persons in developing walking skills after suffering a serious illness, injury, or other infirmity which limits their walking skills. The present device comprises a folding walkway with opposed folding hand rails along each side thereof. The hand rails are supported by a series of telescoping upright columns or posts, with the columns being pivotally secured to the walkway at their lower ends and pivotally secured to the hand rails at their upper ends. Each column includes a single locking pin which selectively locks the column in the upright position as desired, or allows the column to fold when removed. When the locking pins are removed, the walkway may be lifted at its center section to cause the two ends to fold together, along with the hand rails which fold to lie adjacent the walkway. The walkway is provided with rollers at each end to allow the ends to move smoothly over the surface during the folding and unfolding operation. Each end of the walkway is also provided with folding wheel assemblies, to allow the folded assembly to be rolled over a floor or other surface to a location for storage, transport, or deployment, as desired. The present portable ambulatory therapy device is of great value for use in hospitals, homes, and any other area where such physical rehabilitation is needed, and where space is at a premium so that permanent installation of such a device is not practicable.

Inventors: Fleming; Derek D. (Temple Hills, MD)


International Classification: A63B 3/00 (20060101); A61H 3/00 (20060101); A63B 026/00 (); A63B 003/00 ()

Expiration Date: 01/02/2018