Patent Number: 6,168,671

Title: Rear scrub dual drive means for a sugar beet harvester

Abstract: A rear scrub dual drive for a sugar beet harvester includes functionally-independent first and second variable speed actuators connected to respective first and second drive shafts of a rear scrub and further includes a fluid supply member, pump, and flow control members for energizing the actuators and controlling the speeds at which they can operate to effectively vary the relative speeds of first and second conveyors which are driven by the respective first and second actuators and which are used to scrub and move the harvested sugar beets. The ability to quickly and conveniently change the speeds of the conveyors on the go without replacing and remounting any parts on the rear scrub on the go allows the user to better match the conditions the user may be presented with while harvesting sugar beets.

Inventors: Peterson; Gary G. (Valley City, ND), Sprenger; Michael T. (Northwood, ND), Menze; Adam R. (Slater, ND), Giffey; Travis W. (Cookeville, ND)

Assignee: Amity Technology, Inc.

International Classification: A01D 17/00 (20060101); A01D 17/10 (20060101); B08B 007/00 ()

Expiration Date: 01/02/2018