Patent Number: 6,168,676

Title: Rail refurbishing process

Abstract: A method and apparatus for repairing microcracks in the metal of a railway track. A high power laser, or equivalent energy beam generator, is moved along a track. The high power laser directs an intense beam of energy towards microcracks in the rail, a vapour space is formed in the metal of the rail, and as the laser beam moves on, the metal resolidifies and repairs the microcracks. Fusible metal may be applied to the vapour space to improve the strength and control the microstructure of the solidified metal. Pre-heating and controlled quenching may improve the crystalline microstructure of the metal after the vapour space has been formed, and, if necessary, the rail may be ground to a smooth finish. A plurality of repaired regions having deep roots are locked in the rail using unaffected metal between them.

Inventors: Seguin; Herb J. J. (Edmonton, Alberta, CA)


International Classification: B23K 26/00 (20060101); B23K 26/36 (20060101); B23K 26/34 (20060101); B23P 6/00 (20060101); E01B 31/18 (20060101); E01B 31/00 (20060101); C21D 009/08 ()

Expiration Date: 01/02/2018