Patent Number: 6,168,688

Title: Method and plant for treating solid waste products by thermolysis

Abstract: A method and apparatus is provided for the thermolysis of solid waste within an enclosed thermolysis chamber in the absence of free oxygen which produces a thermolysis off-gas. The thermolysis off-gas is removed from the thermolysis chamber and injected into a cyclone where it is washed with water and cooled. The washed and cooled thermolysis off-gas is divided into two portions. One portion of the washed thermolysis off-gas is further cooled in a heat exchanger and then injected into a burner and combusted, while the remaining portion of the washed thermolysis off-gas is passed into indirect heat exchange with the hot off-gas resulting from the combustion of the other portion of the thermolysis off-gas in the burner and recycled back into the enclosed thermolysis chamber. This in-situ recycling of hot thermolysis off-gas helps prevent the creation of hot spots in the thermolysis chamber and the possibility of an explosive reaction between oxygen and hydrogen. The catalytic radiant panels and burners can be replaced with the injection of hot thermolysis gas back into the thermolysis area.

Inventors: Clot; Guy (Uzes, FR), Roure; Jean (Saint-Remy-de-Provence, FR)

Assignee: Societe Francaise de Thermolyse

International Classification: C10B 53/00 (20060101); C10B 7/14 (20060101); C10B 7/00 (20060101); B09B 003/00 (); C10B 053/00 ()

Expiration Date: 01/02/2018