Patent Number: 6,168,689

Title: Method and apparatus for cleaning exhaust gas discharged from internal or external combustion engine by using high voltage electric field

Abstract: A method and an apparatus for cleaning smoke and reducing noises of an internal combustion engine or external combustion engine by using a high voltage field. The present invention relates to a method and an apparatus which can clean exhaust gases and reduce noise, wherein it comprises the step of burning up the granular particles with corona discharge after changing particles into plasma state, the step of removing gaseous materials with negative ions, the step of eliminating NOx with ultraviolet rays and the step of reducing noise.

Inventors: Park; Chan-Ho (Seoul, KR), Lee; Yong-Hee (Kyungki-do, KR)

Assignee: Seondo Electric Co., Ltd.

International Classification: B01D 53/32 (20060101); B03C 3/38 (20060101); B03C 3/34 (20060101); F01N 3/01 (20060101); F01N 3/08 (20060101); F01N 3/00 (20060101); B01J 019/08 ()

Expiration Date: 01/02/2018