Patent Number: 6,168,741

Title: Moulded footwear

Abstract: A mould (14) for manufacturing an article of footwear comprises two mould halves (16); a hollow last (20) which includes a cylindrical downwardly open opening (30) at its foot end (26); and a first sole plate (34) which includes a projection (32) having a head portion (36) which is arranged to extend into the opening (30) in the last (20) in order to restrict movement of the last within the mould. Polyurethane is injected into cavity (44) defined between the last and mould halves (16)/sole plate (34) to form an inner sole of an article of footwear having a hole in it in a position where projection (32) cooperated with opening (30). This opening may then be plugged prior to the formation of an outer sole using a second sole plate (which does not include a projection (32) instead of the first sole plate.

Inventors: Foldes; Peter (Collyeweston, Stamford PE9 3PW, GB)


International Classification: B29D 31/50 (20060101); B29D 31/51 (20060101); B29D 031/50 ()

Expiration Date: 01/02/2018