Patent Number: 6,168,810

Title: Method and culture for producing cheese and other dairy products

Abstract: The present invention relates to a method for preparing cheese and other dairy products and more specifically to methods for preparing cheese and other dairy products from secondary milk products such as whey and buttermilk as well as cheeses which are past their expiration date for freshness and/or appearance. The process allows for reconstituting outdated cheeses into new cheeses which have acceptable organoleptic properties, and includes: washing, salting and chopping an abomasum portion of the stomach of a ruminant; adding the abomasum to whey; refrigerating the mixture; followed by filtering the mixture to yield the culture in liquid form. The culture can also include adjuncts such as grapes/raisins, salt, garlic and aluminum ammonium sulfate. The culture can be used to produce soft curd from pasteurized milk, and also for the production of other dairy products, such as butter, kefir and cottage cheese, without the need for conventional souring agents and coagulants.

Inventors: Nalbandyan; Liana (Long Island City, NY)


International Classification: A23C 19/06 (20060101); A23C 15/00 (20060101); A23C 19/00 (20060101); A23C 15/12 (20060101); A23C 19/04 (20060101); A23C 009/12 ()

Expiration Date: 01/02/2018