Patent Number: 6,168,848

Title: Stack comprising W-Z folded sheets

Abstract: A stack of folded sheets includes right and left W folded sheets and right and left Z folded sheets which are arranged and interfolded so that the stack is balanced and has uniform bulk across its width. Withdrawal of the top sheet of the stack lifts the next sheet into position for withdrawal. The W and Z folded sheets advantageously have a maximum width of 120 mm, an overlap of about 40 mm, and a sheet width of up to 340 mm. Narrower stacks of W and Z folded sheets have folded widths of 100 mm or 75 mm and sheet widths of 292 mm or 215 mm.

Inventors: Heath; Peter A. (Plymouth, GB)

Assignee: Paper Converting Machine Co.

International Classification: A47K 10/24 (20060101); A47K 10/42 (20060101); B65H 45/12 (20060101); B65H 45/24 (20060101); A47K 010/16 ()

Expiration Date: 01/02/2018