Patent Number: 6,168,923

Title: Compositions and methods for use of IL-12 as an adjuvant

Abstract: Improved vaccine compositions and methods of making same are provided, which vaccines are characterized by an antigen from a pathogen and an effective adjuvanting amount of Interleukin-12. These IL-12 adjuvanted vaccines are capable of increasing the vaccinated host's cell mediated immune response to provide an increased and protective immune response to the pathogen. Also disclosed are methods for vaccinating hosts by administering a vaccine containing an antigen from a pathogenic microorganism and co-administering an adjuvanting amount of IL-12. Vaccines or therapeutic compositions directed against a cancer may also be adjuvanted with IL-12 according to this invention.

Inventors: Scott; Phillip (Swarthmore, PA), Trinchieri; Giorgio (Wynnewood, PA)

Assignee: The Wistar Institute of Anatomy and Biology

International Classification: A61K 39/39 (20060101); C12Q 001/68 (); C12Q 001/70 (); A61K 039/00 (); A61K 039/21 (); C07K 001/00 ()

Expiration Date: 01/02/2018