Patent Number: 6,169,048

Title: Method of manufacturing whisker-reinforced ceramics

Abstract: A method of making a whisker-reinforced ceramic body by hot pressing a preform to a disc, cutting the disc into blanks and grinding the blanks to bodies of desired shape and dimension is disclosed. The preform is prepared by dispersing 10-60% by volume of a ceramic powder mixture containing conventional sintering aids and/or grain growth inhibitors in water or an organic solvent adding 1-15 wt-% starch to the dispersion; pouring the dispersion into a mold with desired shape; heating the suspension to C. for 2-4 hours while covering the mold to avoid water evaporation to form a preform; removing the preform from the mold; and presintering the preform in air for 10 h at a maximum temperature of about C.

Inventors: Sjogren; Clas (Saltsjo-Boo, SE), Brandt; Gunnar (Solna, SE), Lyckfeldt; Ola (Goteborg, SE)

Assignee: Sandvik AB

International Classification: C04B 35/80 (20060101); C04B 35/111 (20060101); C04B 035/71 (); C04B 035/52 ()

Expiration Date: 01/02/2018