Patent Number: 6,169,259

Title: Portable device for electrically destroying needles

Abstract: An improved device for efficiently and safely destroying used hypodermic needles is disclosed. The needle destroying device is portable, operating from a battery power pack, and makes use of a capacitor that discharges current into any needle inserted into the device for destruction. The strong discharge of current completely destroys small needles and substantially speeds up destruction of medium or large needles. An apparatus for adjusting the device to accept different sized needles is also provided. The adjusting apparatus ensures that small needles adequately contact the electrodes located within the device and that large needles do not wear down or separate the electrodes. A motor may also be provided and coupled between the battery and a fan. The motor drives the fan to pull air into the device and thereby circulate it through a filter, located in a removable tray within a cartridge, that prevents vapors or particles from exiting the device. The filter is infused with disinfectant that kills any airborne pathogens. Also, the motor may couple to one of the electrodes in order to move the electrode and propel from the electrode slag formed during the destruction process. A converter that changes direct current from a battery or other portable power supply to alternating current may be provided. Alternating current more efficiently destroys the needles while extending battery charge and life.

Inventors: Hall; Robert M. (Nashville, TN), Clark; Elton (Apopka, FL)


International Classification: A61M 5/32 (20060101); B23K 011/22 (); A61G 012/00 (); A61L 011/00 ()

Expiration Date: 01/02/2018