Patent Number: 6,169,545

Title: Data management within a virtual environment browser

Abstract: A data browser is described for accessing data defining virtual environments via the Internet/World Wide Web. In conjunction with at least one store (44) of virtual environment assets, such as audio, video, graphics textures and so forth, a list (62) is maintained recording the identity of the stored assets received via the Web, suitably in the form of their respective URL's. Browser applications requiring assets from the store (44) scan the master list to determine whether a particular asset is already stored there on encountering a program requirement for that asset to avoid the need to access the remote source of asset data via the Web. Where the assets are distributed over more than one storage device (44, 60), each device is suitably provided with such a contents list.

Inventors: Gallery; Richard D. (Dublin, IE), Heron; Dale R. (Ashtead, GB), Verhagen; Michael K. (Horley, GB)

Assignee: U.S. Philips Corporation

International Classification: G06F 17/30 (20060101); G06F 003/00 ()

Expiration Date: 01/02/2018