Patent Number: 6,169,552

Title: Map display device, navigation device and map display method

Abstract: There is provided a map display device and a navigation device for displaying a three-dimensional map in which information which is originally hidden can be displayed on a display frame (screen). The map display device (navigation device) includes a map storing unit for storing three-dimensional data of each map constituent, and a map display unit for forming a three-dimensional bird's-eye view map which is obtained by projecting onto the plane from a desired view point each map constituent which is specified by the three-dimensional data stored in the map storing unit, and displaying the three-dimensional bird's-eye view map thus formed on a display frame (screen). When information which is requested to be displayed by a user is hidden by another map constituent located in front of the information and thus is not originally displayed on the three-dimensional bird's-eye view map, the map display unit changes a projection mode for projecting the information or the other map constituent on the plane so that the information is displayed on the display frame.

Inventors: Endo; Yoshinori (Ibaraki-ken, JP), Okude; Mariko (Ibaraki-ken, JP)

Assignee: Xanavi Informatics Corporation

International Classification: G01C 21/28 (20060101); G01C 21/32 (20060101); G01C 21/36 (20060101); G01C 21/34 (20060101); G08G 1/0969 (20060101); G08G 1/0962 (20060101); G08G 1/0967 (20060101); G06T 015/20 ()

Expiration Date: 01/02/2018