Patent Number: 6,169,611

Title: Mounting system for a removable media holder in a scanning apparatus

Abstract: A flat-bed scanner for scanning an original document, comprising a scanner housing and a scan carriage movably disposed for motion relative to the scanner housing. A sensing system is mounted to the scan carriage for scanning the original document. A media holder supports the original document for scanning along a scan line such that the original document is positioned at an object focal plane of the sensing system. The media holder support system dynamically maintains a portion of the original document proximate to the scan line coincident with the object focal plane during scanning. The support system includes a first mounting device pivotally attaching a first end of the media holder to the housing for allowing a pivot motion of the media holder with respect to the scanner housing and a second and a third mounting device are affixed and movable with the scan carriage for movably supporting the media holder during the motion of the carriage. The second and third mounting device support the media holder substantially below the scan line and proximate to marginal edges of the media holder outside the field of view of the scan line.

Inventors: Brook, III; Mark G. (Londonderry, NH), MacNeill; John A. (Melrose, MA), Mirmelshteyn; Aron M. (Swampscott, MA), Tellam; Mark E. (Exeter, NH)

Assignee: Agfa Corporation

International Classification: G03B 27/62 (20060101); H04N 1/10 (20060101); H04N 1/193 (20060101); H04N 1/191 (20060101); H04N 001/04 ()

Expiration Date: 01/02/2018